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Check out my new squidoo page about business promotion using free gas!
The page is pretty new, but I’m going to be updating it frequently with tips and tricks on how to promote your business with free gas! For those who don’t know, squidoo is a site which allows people to sign up and create pages, known as “lenses” on squidoo, about any topic the choose. Since there wasn’t one on free gas promotion, I decided to create one! Go check it out now and tell me what you think!
How To Use Free Gas Rebate Certificates To Promote Your Product Or Business


New Audio About Free Gas Promotion!

Listen to this new audio recording about free gas promotion, and how it will help you promote your product or business! Free gas is something that hardly anyone can turn down, but if you know how to use it to it’s full advantage, you’ll have a sales model that can’t be beat!

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Give Your Sales Team the Edge They Need.

When ever you try to convince a customer to buy your product, a sale is always made.  Either you sell them your product, or they sell you a reason why they can’t buy it.  The trick in business it to out-sell your customers, offer them something they can’t turn down, offer them something only a fool would turn down.  This is one of the techniques used by salespeople who are now making $20,000,000 a year.

The question is what can you offer your customers that they need, that you can afford to give away?

Free gas promotion takes the headache out of incentive promotion.  Giving away free gas is a great way to increase sales, and gain new customers.  But how can I afford to offer people free gas? This is a well kept secret in the marketing industry, one that I will now reveal to you.

There are a few fuel incentive companies who have strategic alliances with gas station brands, which allow them to underwrite the cost of the gas. They can literally sell you a gas certificate of $100 value for just pennies on the dollar.

The problem is knowing where to find these companies.  Most Fuel Redemption Companies like to keep their prices secret, cause they don’t want the wrong people to find out how little the certificates they have actually cost.  Most of them require you to contact them for them to tell you their prices.

I suggest as the best site for free gas promotion.  They are respected in the industry, and they have a very helpful staff.  Go to their website and you can read up on how free gas can help your business.  Your welcome for the tip!

What is Gas Rebate Promotion?

Gas Rebate Promotion is a business promotion system that allows you to reward your customers with free gas for completing the criteria you choose.  You buy gas rebate certificates from a Gas Rebate Promotion Company, such as, at wholesale cost, then you in turn give away those certificates as a special promotion for your product or business.

Most gas rebate promotion companies offer free gas certificates ranging between $100 and $500 gas redemption value.   The Gas Rebate Promotion Companies offer these certificates to you for a much lower price, sometimes almost 90% less than what their gas redemption value is.  The way the Gas Rebate Promotion Redemption companies can afford this is that they have strategic alliances with most of the main Gas Station Brands, which underwrite the cost of the gas, allowing businesses to give away high value gas vouchers at next to no cost.

The way most of the Gas Redemption Programs work is they sell you gas certificates with unique redemption codes on them, which in turn can be redeemed online for the amount they are for.  When someone goes to redeem their certificate they must choose which major gas station brand to receive there free gas from.   It’s basically a loyalty program for the Gas Stations.   In order for people to redeem their Free Gas Vouchers, every month they must supply $100 of receipts from the Gas Station Brand They chose, in turn they will be sent a $25 gas card every month until the value of their gas certificate has been fully redeemed.  So if someone where to redeem a gas certificate worth $500 of free gas, it would take them 20 months at $25 per month to fully redeem their certificates entire value.

If you are interested in free gas promotion for your product or business, we highly recommend